Picking Up Great Narrative Essay Topics For 3rd Grade Students: Tips And Examples

Narrative essays are the essays which mostly gives the description of some particular events or experience, etc. these are the ones where it is typically assigned to write about the events or to tell stories about some experience which may be some personal experience or imagination. It can be of fun if you write topics with the proper approach. Just know the topics very well before the writing, as you will need to give vivid explanations and descriptions on different subjects.

So always make sure that whatever topics you are writing about, you have the knowledge of the whole matter. Or if you are writing with the help of your imaginative power, then you should make sure about the events and situations which you are about to write in the essay. Make sure you are giving relevant issues in your writing. Before getting started, outline the whole plot to present it flawlessly. So it is very important to pick up the right topic for you.

Here are some examples of the Narrative topics

  1. Imagine that you and your parents have gone out for a carnival and there you last yourself in the crowd. Write about what happens next.

  2. If you get a time-machine, what will you do with it? Which year would you like to go?

  3. Write about an incident where you get very embarrassed very much.

  4. Describe a friend of yours, who is just of opposite character as you.

  5. Write about a place where you love to go for eating out and what do you like the most to order?

  6. If you were not a human being then what do you wish for?

  7. Which animal would you like as your pet?

  8. Do you have anything which you are afraid of?

  9. Write about a phobia, which you want to get rid of.

  10. Describe the most memorable day of your life.

  11. The fun moment with your family.

  12. Imagine there is a dinosaur alive in Earth, and you are the only person who can rescue everyone as a super-hero? What happens next?

  13. Imagine yourself as a Harry Potter. What will you do to kill the evil Lord Voldemort?

  14. What do you like to do the most as your hobby?

  15. Imagine that you got stuck in a dark cave, and there you have found a big chest full of treasure but you are not able to find the way out. Write about the incidents by which you get your way out with the treasure.

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