20 Narrative Essay Topics To Help You Get Started

Writing a narrative essay greatly depends on the topic that one has picked. There are students who are very good at formulating a topic and therefore when I comes to writing the content about, they find it very easy. On the other hand, there are those who find it difficult to compose or select a captivating topic. This makes them write poor content and ultimately, they score lower marks.


Most scholars usually advise that, before one can select a topic, he or she must have read and enrich himself or herself with top quality content. There are multiple sources that can give data on narrative essay topics. For instance, you can get to the internet and directly search them. You cannot miss to get top quality choices. If it means restructuring it, you have to do it so well such that anyone reading it gets impressed. For instance, it should be quite brief but not to the extreme. It should also allow the reader to understand it clearly so that when he or she embarks on the text, everything will have a smooth flow.

Below are the 20 narrative essay topics that can get you started:

  1. Your initial experience at the county hospital

  2. The most exciting lesson you have ever had and its impact on your performance

  3. The most regretful day that will never get out of your mind

  4. A time you encountered something very unexpected

  5. A time in life that you learnt a lesson the hard way

  6. A trip to the most fascinating place on earth

  7. A class trip to the northern hemisphere

  8. The first day to buy your favorite pet

  9. A friend that did something that totally changed your mind

  10. The most frightening experience

  11. The fate of moving from your home to a friend’s home

  12. The most horrible experience to your loved one

  13. Something unenviable that ever happened to you

  14. How you got your first degree

  15. Your first encounter with the national exam

  16. How you overcame an experience that left you in dilemma

  17. The most dissatisfactory birthday party you have ever attended in your lie

  18. How you spend your first day with your lover

  19. The best moments with a girl you loved most

  20. A winter day on which temperatures went down below the expected levels.

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