Choosing Impressive Compare And Contrast Essay Topics Related To Science: 12 Fresh Ideas

The advancments made in the last twenty years in the field of science are amazing. You will probably be assigned many essays in your Science classes. If you are allowed to pick your topic, then consider using one of our 12 fresh ideas.

Fresh and Innovative Topics

  1. Organic fruits -how effective or nutritional are these vegetables to a person’s health? Pro or Con?

  2. Going Green-what does it really mean to go green? What steps can the average person take to be living 100% green? Is this possible?

  3. The Throw Away generation -if this generation is more willing to throw away than fix electronics, how can this generation keep the trash and garbage from overwhelming the land mass?

  4. Global warming -does it or don’t it really exist? Compare and contrast the possibilities.

  5. Ipad Education -is it working or are we raising a generation of low-level readers?

  6. Endangered species -pick an endangered animal, explore how they have arrived at this state, and develop a plan for how to save this species.

  7. Sharks -why was there such a large rate of shark attacks off of the South and North Carolina coast in the early summer of 2015?

  8. Cell Phones and Cancer -is there a direct relationship between cell phones and brain cancer? Can this theory be proven or disproven? Compare and contrast the issue?

  9. Hurricanes -how much has the weather predicting changed since Hurricane Andrew? And how much further can the weather field improve its predictions and warnings.

  10. Wheat -is wheat a slow poisonous food? Did our ancestors eat it or were they strictly carnivorous? What can excessive wheat to do a person?

  11. The shifting plates of California -will the plates shift enough to break off California or is that simply a myth? And if it is not a myth, could a tsunami be caused from the shifting plates?

  12. Concussion and football -it is possible that there are negative consequences from the direct and constant impact football player’s experiences. Yes or No? Is football the most dangerous sport for concussions? What can be done to stop these issues for young athletes? Take either side and argue it or compare and contrast two different sports with high rates of injury.

When given an essay assignment in chemistry, biology, life science, or any other class in the field, consider one of our 12 great topics.

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