The 15 Most Impressive Essay Topics On Corruption

Corruption proves to be an actual problem in most of the countries nowadays. Even in developed regions there are often scandals that involve officials; all of the accused of corruptions. This phenomenon, of course, is even more present in the poor countries and with instable economy. If you need to write an essay about corruption, you will find some impressive essay topics here.

  1. Corruption in communism. It is well known that what it was a doctrine meant to help the citizen, became one of the most horrible ways of control and abuse in the last century. The countries that were, or still are, under communism faced corruption at a high level.
  2. Corrupted professors. There are many unfortunate cases where professors take bride to increase a student’s grades. Analyze what are the main reasons for this and how can it be prevented.
  3. The motives of corruption. Surprisingly, the financial gain is not the only motive for corruption. Find out the others and analyze each one of them.
  4. Nepotism and how can we prevent it. There are parts of the world where it is directly to hire a relative. This is meant to prevent nepotism; while some people think this is fair, others say that nepotism is not always what it seems.
  5. Anti-corruption laws. Since the laws are, most of the time, given by corrupted people, it is difficult to reach to a satisfactory result. Analyze how we can change this.
  6. Diplomatic immunity. It is considered by many that diplomatic immunity is the perfect escape for corrupted people. Some countries are even making petitions to remove it.
  7. The most famous cases of corruption. There were, in the last decades, some cases of corruption that were famous all over the world. Choose one of them and analyze it.
  8. Economic effects. Discuss how corruption can affect the economy of the country; you can give some examples from your own region.
  9. Social impact. Not only the economy and the political situation is affected by corruption; there is also a big social impact on the public.
  10. Unholy alliance. This kind of alliance is much more common than you think in nowadays politics. Make research and find out some cases from your country.
  11. Political campaigns. Some people say that political campaigns, per se, are a form of political corruption and they are meant to trick the public to gain their votes.
  12. Patronage. There are many debates on this topic; while some people think that patronage is always representing corruptions, other say that it can also be a complete legal move.
  13. Bribery. Present the differences between passive and active bribery and give some well-known examples from your country.
  14. Are non-governmental organizations more likely to be corrupted? If no, why and if yes, how can we prevent it?
  15. Corruption in developing countries. Many undeveloped countries can’t overcome their problems due to corruption. Give some examples.

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