Top 15 Middle School Argumentative Essay Topics

If you have been set an argumentative essay to write and you don't know what an argumentative essay even is, let alone know what subject you should be selecting for its theme, you could well be feeling a little overwhelmed and pressure loaded right now! If so, you can calm down straight away because there is always help available.

What is an argumentative essay?

As the name implies, this type of paper requires you to argue for something. Whatever the topic is, in order to be able to make a case in favor of it, you will not only need to know a lot about the subject, you'll also need to know of the contrary arguments. An argumentative essay requires a lot of upfront research before you can then create a well thought out and valid debate.

Topics to get you thinking.

Here are fifteen top topics on middle school argumentative essays to give you some further understanding of the types of topics that are chosen, and to help you become inspired for your own assignment. Make sure you choose a strong idea that you're passionate about and which you can argue well!

  1. 1) School uniforms are bad for pupils' morale.
  2. 2) There should be stricter rules in place for advertising junk food.
  3. 3) Mixed sex schools help students achieve at a higher level.
  4. 4) The middle school day should only last for four hours.
  5. 5) Homework is a waste of time, and it creates too much pressure on school children.
  6. 6) There should be tighter restrictions on internet use for children.
  7. 7) Students should study more creative subjects than academic ones.
  8. 8) Tobacco should be made illegal in the United States.
  9. 9) Taxes should be spent more on public services and less on military operations overseas.
  10. 10) There needs to be more ethnic diversity on American television.
  11. 11) The United States government and political parties, in general, should have more of a cross section of race, religion, sexuality and other diversity examples.
  12. 12) More public holidays in a year would benefit our health and happiness and ultimately increase workload output and make for a better society.
  13. 13) Vegetarianism is better for our health than carnivorism.
  14. 14) We should limit how many vehicles are allowed on the roads in the United States.
  15. 15) With overpopulation concerns, we should limit families in the United States to having no more than three children
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