20 Intriguing Descriptive Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students have to tackle different subjects with precision and diligence. They notably get relieved when Literature comes their way. This does not mean that they can afford to be cavalier with descriptive essays.

Fiction and non-fiction

A descriptive essay is a thorough summation of an event, system, pattern or activity. It is necessary to choose a topic which offers enough space for expression and innovation. Some feel that fictional essays are a bit better than pieces which demand description of an actuality. This is because in the latter case, students tend to take a superficial way, not being conversant with the procedure.

Engaging the readers

You need to keep the reader’s interest throughout your essay. This requires proper framework, an interesting take on the subject and a suggestive conclusion. You have to pull out your creative antics and yet methodize your writing crisply.

Describing actual events

While describing actual events or operations; say ‘how a plane flies’, you need to get into the skin of the topic. You have to find information from various genuine sources and place them in an organized manner. The writing style should be flowing and continual so that readers don’t feel a breach.

Be a thorough reader

To be good with descriptive or with any other essay, you need to inculcate reading habit. Read good books and absorb how they engage your attention. You will understand the value of dedication and method.

Here are 20 descriptive essay topics which should intrigue you

  1. 1. Describe the serenity and luxury of a beach holiday
  2. 2. Illustrate the loan procedure in detail
  3. 3. Suggest ways to make homes energy-conscious
  4. 4. Describe the most haunting dream you ever had
  5. 5. Describe the physical and psychological impact of obesity
  6. 6. Illustrate ‘method in anarchy’ in the animal kingdom, say a jungle
  7. 7. Suggest introduction of resolute methods in corporate governance
  8. 8. Describe a stay in a backward African city
  9. 9. Illustrate a camping trip
  10. 10. Describe the best book you ever read
  11. 11. Explain why people nurture jealousy
  12. 12. Explain the systematic preparation of a cop in a covert operation
  13. 13. Explain the mindset of a suicide bomber
  14. 14. Describe an adventurous train journey
  15. 15. Explain the specialties and underlying implications of ‘Mona Lisa’
  16. 16. Illustrate 8 necessary qualities to fare well in studies
  17. 17. Explain the activities of the day you became invisible
  18. 18. Describe the prowess, emphasis and otherworldliness of ‘The Pyramids’
  19. 19. Explain how a dentist conducts a Root Canal operation
  20. 20. Describe the day when you were stalked and how you escaped it

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