12 Catchy College-Level Topics For Evaluation Essays

College evaluation essays are just one part of the overall educational experience for a student. They allow the student to choose a topic of choice and then discuss the attributes and disadvantages of the given topic. The best part of an evaluation essay is that the topic can be very flexible. Here are a few college-level choices that you can select from when you have this task to complete.

  1. Evaluate the success of the college football/soccer team and whether the coaching strategy will help the team to win the next league championship.
  2. Evaluate the most recent book published by a popular author
  3. Evaluate a historical movie and whether its depiction of the event was accurate and factual
  4. Evaluate a new restaurant openings and the type of food and overall preparation of the dishes offered by the featured chef
  5. Evaluate a new business opportunity and whether they have a strong business plan that will lead them to success in the future
  6. Evaluate the difference between attending a sporting event in person or watching coverage on television including the impact of commercials and the stadium atmosphere
  7. Evaluate a local charity and whether their services are truly being delivered to the people who need them and whether or not the services are helping
  8. Evaluate a local rehabilitation center and determine the success rate and potential failures that are being seen by that facility using their methods
  9. Evaluate the health services offered in your city and whether they are up to par with services available in nearby cities and towns
  10. Evaluate the local school and education system to determine how they rank within the country, continent and world on producing students who are ready to enter college
  11. Evaluate the taxation system and whether it is unfairly punishing hard working people for reporting their income correctly
  12. Evaluate a new computer system and whether the average person can successfully, unbox, set up and eventually boot up the new computer

Each one of these topics provides the opportunity for any student to select an area of interest then conduct a thorough evaluation of all the appropriate attributes to complete the evaluation. When you are preparing your own essay try one of these twelve topics, or modify one of these ideas to match your own personal interests to complete this assignment.

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