10 Narrative Essay Topics For High School To Consider

Every once in a while you can be asked to write a narrative essay and when that happens, you need to be able to know how to do it. The secret however does not only lie in being able to write a good narrative essay, it is in knowing how to find a very good topic to support your cause. So many students struggle with this, but you shouldn’t because you are in capable hands. The prospect of writing a narrative essay normally makes some students shudder at the thought of having to be creative. Well, what really matters is not how creative you can be, but most importantly, what you are able to do with the little that you have.

In essay writing, you need to learn to milk as much effort from any little creativity that you may have, if you are to make things work. You have to think outside the box from time to time, but in the long run what matters most is how well you can impress the readers. To get you started, herein are some 10 essay topics that you might want to consider writing about.

  1. A memorable wedding ceremony
  2. Your first day in high school
  3. Write about a moment of success or weakness in your life
  4. Your last day on a job
  5. An interesting interview you went to
  6. An encounter or event that changed your life
  7. A journey you will never forget
  8. Your first visit to a new country or town
  9. Describe an unexpected encounter
  10. Describe an event or an experience in life that helped you grow into the person you are

Narrative papers just like so many of the other types of papers that you may have to write in the course of your high school life, have their own interesting fundamental qualities. These papers are a type of composing which describes an involvement in a given time. They can be taking into account an individual experience which happened in the past or in the present or additionally it can be an account of another person. The paper does not just recount the story, it likewise conveys to the reader a lesson learned from the experience, in the process giving them the focal thought of the story, thereby making it stand out.

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