Theology is the study of God’s nature and the religious beliefs that are connected to it. Generally, theology is concerned with a systematic development of a religious theory and beliefs. Therefore, there are different structures used for different theological studies. In the Christian theology framework, the system uses scriptures as the authoritative source for the Christian faith. The basis of Christian is placed on Christ and His disciples. It goes further to highlight issues of what God says. It forms the basis and accuracy of what would be stand in a given religion as fundamental truths throughout the generations. This essay seeks to highlight theology and its contribution to the founding and development of religion.

In many religious set ups, the disciples read books written by the earliest converts and as well get to hear sermons from them. They are usually satisfactory and good enough. However, streams that can run for long distances over the ground slowly gather for themselves some amount of soil along the way. In the end, they lose some freshness that was there from the start in the source. Theology is the well which in essence is the best source to drink from rather than taking water from a tank. It is unexplained form; the written word about a certain religion can be taken as the theological information. Theology provides fundamental basics for all disciples, providing a sure way reading God’s Word on their own instead of getting notes upon it.

The subject of theology is the basic foundation upon which disciples confess faith about their God as the only living and true God declaring that his subsistence is in and also of Himself. Theology teaches God as an infinite and perfect being whose reality cannot be understood through any other source but Himself alone. It presents God as one without body parts, as an invisible being, a pure spirit and an immortal being. It is a subject that surrounds a deity of highest standards of wisdom, power, holiness and freedom. Every scripture makes reference to this one sole being that is eternal, immutable, immense and incomprehensible.

Essentially, theology is a universal thing. In reality every thoughtful person is a theologian to some level. Destiny and life is affected through what a person believes concerning God and his will for them. As we think in our hearts, so are we. Most importantly, the character and spirit of a person is affected by their knowledge about God. Now that this is very true, theology stands as the most important factor of all these thoughts and studies.

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