A List Of Interesting Argument Essay Topics On Modern Literature

Before you can write an essay on Modern literature, you must first know what it is. It is any English fiction that was composed from around the 1910s to the 1960s. It may be focused on things such as technology, industry, or the ever-changing modern world. It is usually written in first person, it may focus on the inner consciousness, it could be about the fall of civilization or its decline, and it is usually employs literary devices such as satire, hyperbole, foils, and stream of consciousness.

Now that you know what it is, and your teacher has assigned a paper, you can pick a topic. Consider using one of the topics below which are focused on authors of the time period, as well as their works.


Any author can be argued in your essay on Modern literature. As you write your paper, make sure to stick to the standard grammar and spelling rules. And, as always, follow the instructions that you teacher has given to you and make sure to meet your entire deadline. Additionally, the techniques, style, and plotline can also be argued. Just make sure that before you start, you have a firm grasp of what makes up the genre known as Modern literature. After you have accomplished that, feel free to use one of our topics on your argumentative essay.

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