How To Title An Essay: 5 Basic Points To Consider

Essay writing has a long history, dating back to the age of scribes who composed information and poetry on parchments, hides and rocks. Historical findings have unearthed amazing written materials which date back to the medieval era. Fast forward to the present day of technology and information, in schools across the world, students are expected to produce the knowledge they gather in their academic milestones on paper. This is what is called essay writing, however some would prefer to term in composition or article writing, but whatever the case, good writing is not always inborn. Students are gifted differently when it comes to performance in different subjects such as grammar, science and math, however, when it comes to writing, each and every learner is required to sharp this skill so that he or she can be able to effectively partake on writing exams and term papers which are usually the bulk of academic activities. An essay constitutes a number of sections and while a student can be well-endowed with writing skills, sometimes coming up with a good title is a big challenge. On the web and in class, you will always come across many article title composition tips but how do you evaluate they are authentic? In this article, we take a look at just how well you are supposed to write a composition title, so read on for some fundamental points to consider.

Famous quotes and sayings

Creative minds know just how well to grab attention and so when it comes to writing an essay, creative students will want to grab the attention of the reader right from the onset. Your title is your entry point and so it should be plain. You can always look out for quotes which have a strong bearing or metaphorical with what you are writing and then have them as your heading.

What is your writing about?

Well, most of the times this is what many students use to come up with good titles. Here, you want to come up with a title which has a direct link including what you want to talk about. It is old fashioned but still viable even today.

Combine familiar and unfamiliar

When writing, sometimes moving from the unknown is important, so is the same useful when writing titles. You can always have a title which includes a familiar term with something peculiar to grab attention.

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