A List Of Brilliant Marriage Definition Essays For College

There comes a time in life when someone decides to settle down and begin a family of their own with someone. This is a very big step in life and it should be taken very seriously as its life binding. Before you choose to marry or get married to someone, you need to carefully review all the aspects of the union and see to it that they are easy to get along with. Some of these major aspects of marriage include the following;

  1. 1. Communication; How important it is for successful marriage
  2. Relationships are built upon common understanding of people. This cannot be achieved without a healthy way of communication between partners. Married people should come up with a way of understanding one another with ease, either verbally or not.

  3. 2. Finances: How it should be managed
  4. Before getting married, couples should sit down and come up with an elaborate way to manage their finances. It is advised that couples set up a single account as this enables them to track one another’s expenditure. This also helps avoid spouse competition as marriage is all about teamwork and unity.

  5. 3. Children: Major aspect of marriage
  6. Children in every marriage spice up the life and nourish the joy in a home. Couples should carefully decide how many children they want to bring up. As they make this decision they should consider their financial situation and the size of house they are going to have. Couples should be careful to have a number that doesn’t prove cumbersome to them.

  7. 4. What should be the goals of successful marriage
  8. Couples should have both individual and marriage goals. They need to come up with up aims they want to achieve and set a timeframe within which to achieve them. They should also assist each other to achieve their individual goals.

  9. 5. Career Commitments
  10. Before settling down partners should know each other’s career plan and whether they are set with their preference as well. For those with very engaging careers, there has to be an elaborate plan on how to manage their marriage life and work.

  11. 6. Religion and spirituality
  12. People looking to get married should see to it that they share the same religious background, if not they should decide on what religion to adopt for their union.

  13. 7. Roles and expectations
  14. In marriage there needs to be an elaborate plan on what responsibility is located to whom. This is to avoid conflict when something is not done.

  15. 8. Conflict resolution
  16. A clever pair should come up with an elaborate conflict resolution plan for when they don’t agree at all. It’s advisable to have an older and more experienced couple that can delegate in case of such a situation.

  17. 9. Weakness and strength awareness
  18. Marriage is teamwork and as such partners should know each other’s capacity. They should know when to step in and lend a hand.

  19. 10. How to deal with the past
  20. Before settling down with someone you need to know exactly where somebody is from and what they have done in the past to avoid unnecessary surprises in the future.

  21. 11. Sex and Intimacy
  22. Sex is a major part of marriage and it should be properly handled. Partners should communicate their progress in bed to one another and highlight areas that need improvement.

  23. 12. Divorce Settlement
  24. Not all things last forever and when the marriage hit the rocks, there should be an elaborate procedure to solve the break up.

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