Writing A Discursive Essay From Scratch: A Helpful Checklist


A discursive essay shares some common aspects with other types of essays. However, it is exceptional in its own way because it requires you to have a proper understanding of a certain opinion towards a subject. Then, you are supposed to widely discuss that opinion as a way of defending it. Put across all supportive evidences concerning the same.

The following are some steps of writing a discursive essay:

  1. Read and understand the title
  2. When you receive a discursive essay, you are required to use the first 10 minutes on the topic. Read and understand what the topic requires you to discuss. Try to internalize and develop a number of points concerning the same in your mind. This will prepare you well for Tue journey that you are just about to start of writing. Ensure that you come up with great ideas that can be widely discussed.

  3. Draft a plan
  4. Having understand what there is to discuss about in the essay, you are supposed to write down a plan. This means that you should list down the points that you have been having in mind. By writing down a plan and bulleting points, odds are that you will not leave out any of the points when it comes to writing. What is remaining is for you to build sentences out of those points to form a paragraph.

  5. The essay writing
  6. Having drawn a structure of your writing, you need to put down all the points on a final copy.


This is the first paragraph of your essay. It should launch your opinion from the word go what is stated as thesis. This prepares the readers psychologically to go through the subsequent paragraphs with an idea of what is to be discussed.

Main body

The main body should comprise of about 3-4 paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a supportive point to the opinion stated in the first paragraph. Keep your sentences short and precise to give flow to your essay. Also ensure that you maintain a formal language throughout your writing as a way of making your essay official and acceptable by many readers. Ensure that passive forms are evident in your writing.


This is the final paragraph of you entire essay. It should give a summary of all points that have been discussed in the previous paragraphs. In order to avoid confusing the reader, ensure that the conclusion

does not have a new idea aside from emphasizing on what had been discussed earlier. It gives the reader a final remark of your discussed opinions on a certain subject. In any of your discursive essay tips, get professional help from this website

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