Executive MBA: Essay

Question: How do you think you are perceived by colleagues? Please mention 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses.

My colleagues have a number of perceptions of me within the workplace. They are able to effectively communicate to me how I can improve particular weaknesses and consolidate known strengths. Overall, I encourage employees within the workplace to provide me with effective feedback that I can use to improve my leadership and management skills as well as respective workplace conditions.

Three weaknesses of mine focus on employee perceptions of myself as well as areas that I am currently focusing on and constantly improving.

In discussing my first weakness, I am sometimes hesitant to take risks as I fear failure amongst my employees and on behalf of the organization that I am currently working for. My colleagues understand that I am sometimes concerned about pre-existing ideals and procedures. However my fear to take risks, despite being an area of my management style that needs to be improved and will, does prevent making wrong or inappropriate decisions and allows me to apply a reasonable amount of care and consideration towards each decision that needs to be made. Furthermore, there is a fine line between taking risks and inspiring change and making decisions that are too risky and insensitive.

With respect to my second weakness, I still find it challenging to adopt process based management and leadership styles and this has become apparent within my current organization. My employees currently, have the perception that I rely on the process at hand rather than procedures, however many employees also believe this to be a strength. Such considerations as the local culture that I work in and the background of Japanese based businesses relies on procedures and structure. This weakness can, with the appropriate leadership and management measures and academia, be easily rectified and in fact, with other businesses and corporations, may be a large advantage. It can also be perceived as a strength when considering that engineering relies on progress and the use of structure to inspire change.

My third weakness of is being too assertive however this is in relation to the unique culture of Japanese based businesses. My assertiveness in the past has resulted in much success and the rectification of issues and challenges. This weakness will be quickly addressed through further understanding of the Japanese culture.

My three major strengths include firstly, my extensive technical skill combined with the use of innovation to inspire change and development within organizations. My background encompasses engineering, which has assisted me in quickly resolving technical based issues and solving complex problems in a variety of different organizations and environments.

vMy second strength is the ability to see the bigger picture and be able to creatively solve problems that are technical based. This can be regarded as a visionary strength as my employees are able to learn from my open mind and ability to think not only creatively but strategically for the greater good of an organization.

My third major strength is my compassion and respect for others. I am able to liaise and socialize with others and this allows me to understand their skills and strengths, which I can further utilize in respective job roles. By understanding employees further, work output increases and tasks and challenges can be overcome. All employees appreciate a manager who respects their contributions and can easily relate to them.

In conclusion, my weaknesses are already being rectified and focus on slight improvements to my skills and qualifications as a result in constantly changing work environments. The majority of my weaknesses can also be regarded as strengths and will no doubt, provide a worthwhile contribution to the program and HEC. My strengths have been at the forefront of my progression throughout a number of key leadership and management roles within a strong engineering background.

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