Expository Essay Topics: A List Of Unique Ideas

As you probably know already, there are 4 types of papers that your high school teacher or college professor likes to assign. They are: persuasive, argumentative, analytical and expository. Unlike the first two, expository essay does not require your personal opinion on the topic – all you need to do is present this concept, idea, object or action to the world and to your readers. The key word here is "explain". Imagine that your readers have never heard about this particular concept and explain it to them.

Choosing a topic for your expository essay

If you know some interesting facts about this world, it's the high time to tell the world about them. Choosing a subject that will be interesting and challenging for you to write about – you will get a possibility to learn something new and will get a good grade at the same time. If your paper is to be presented in front of your class, make sure it's going to be interesting for them as well – bored faces can speak louder that grades and your teacher might take this into consideration. Other than that, there are no specific requirements about the topic for your expository essay – you can tell stories about anything in the world, right?

A list of unique topics for your expository essay

  1. If you were to become an aninal, which one would you choose and why?

  2. How getting a driver's license is an important moment in the social life of a teenager?

  3. What are the main sources of stress in the life of average teenager?

  4. How different music genres influence the development of children?

  5. Danger! What situation is dangerous for you and how can you find a way out of it?

  6. What our significant others bring to our lives and how they make our lives better?

  7. What is the most valuable experience of yorur life and what consequences it had on your charachter?

  8. What are the activities you most enjoy doing with your family (friends)?

  9. Who was your most unforgettable teacher in high school and what made him so?

  10. Decribe the equipment, used for a specific type of sports or game.

As you can see, you are free to choose any aspect of your life – any at all. It can be your hobby, something from your everyday life or something you've read about once. Just make sure it's interesting to write about and have fun!

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