Family Solidarity In Ancient China

In China the concept of family has always been very strong. Chinese integrate their values and their belief systems in such a manner that they end up making it a part of their politics, their philosophy and above all their art. It is this importance that has allowed the Chinese culture to care for their family structure over decades. They hold strong moral values that have allowed generation after generation to value their families and care for them.

How The Chinese Family System Works

Since the beginning of time, the family system in China works with a hierarchal point of view. This is means that the elders receive a great amount of love and respect from the other members of the family. They have to always be obeyed and listened to. Where in other parts of the world the age old statement of the older members of the family possessing the most wisdom is believed in, China is living proof of the adage. The children within a Chinese family system are readily expected and therefore given an upbringing that has them obey their parents and their grandparents without question. Because of such set “boundaries” as one can call them, there is a distinct manner in which every family member is seen communicating with another.

Child Policy

China gained a lot of popularity for its single child policy. Although it worked for the country for a while, it said to have posed many negative effects too. This particular policy made it too hard for parents to feel secure and supported in the later years of their life. This can be thoroughly difficult for the child as they have to live a life that has been sketched out completely either by the parents or the grandparents giving them complete control. This makes it harder for the child to grow up and enter a new setup with a mind that holds the potential to not just think outside the box but to even think on its own in the first place. Another negative effect of this policy is that because these children are given the kind of attention and guidance from almost every member of their family, they are often considered a little out of hand. These kids grow up to be rather self-involved. This is the very reason they never find the kind of contentment they are accustomed to in the practical field. This is because the family solidarity in China has always believed children to follow their parents without question.

This is how the family system works and has always worked since Ancient China to ensure complete family solidarity.

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