Getting Short Story Essay Examples: 5 Places You Can Rely On

Writing short story essays can be very challenging, but also extremely rewarding. If you need to write one, and you’d like some inspiration, you can get started by finding a few good samples. Spend some time reading these excellent suggestions about where to find great short story essay examples.

Professional writing schools

Many professional writing schools like to advertise what their courses can help you to achieve, so they often have some truly excellent example essays available. These can usually be found on their websites or in their information brochures. So, have a look at their websites and brochures to see if you can find a few useful samples.

Writing competitions

Often institutions that host writing competitions put up examples that have stood out in the past to give entrants an idea of what they’re looking for. These samples are usually brilliant pieces, so you can learn so much from them. Try to find any places that host writing competitions, and look at their entry forms or information brochures, and you may just find a few outstanding examples free of charge.

Writing communities

There are so many great writing communities on the Internet, so make good use of them. Usually, writing communities that are active and vibrant, with “popular” sections will have the vote of the people, so they’re likely to have some really brilliant samples you can look at. Happily, these sites are almost always free of charge.

Short story websites

Some sites are geared towards stories themselves, without really being about writing. But wherever people are passionate about their stories, you’ll find really good writing that is raw, natural, sincere, and genuine. So, don’t forget to have a look at these websites, you can certainly learn something about writing from them.

Anthologies of short stories

Probably one of the best places to look for excellent examples of short story essays is in anthologies of short stories. The editors of these only choose the very best pieces in order to sell their books, so you’re guaranteed to find samples of outstanding quality. If you have any anthologies at home, use them to find samples. If not, borrow some from friends and family, or loan a few from you local library.

With some luck, you’ll be able to find some fantastic examples of short stories to help you write your own brilliant piece.

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