Simple Tips About Writing An Essay About A Daily Newspaper

There are certain things that make the subject interesting to the reader. This type of paper is what most students remember their parents reading. This may tell the age for some people. The funny thing is there are things younger kids may have never seen or heard. These same things were the way of life for people my age. There was a poll taking on how many kids ever heard or seen certain things. Things like a busy signal on phone. A rotary dial on phone. Televisions that were manually turned. These things and more that tell the age of technology. The reason I bring these things up has to do with the newspaper in the near future.

  1. This reading material is slowly becoming obsolete. It is getting too hard to compete with the convenience of the internet. A lot of people use the paper for part of their daily routine. These people are the ones who will feel the disappearance of the paper the most.

  2. The paper was a way of the public voicing their opinions. It was more than documenting that cities’ daily events. It was used to keep people of all walks of life informed on what was going on in their area of interest or livelihood. It was supposed to be bias and partial to the rest of the population.

  3. News writing is the gift of writing stories as quick and honest as possible. The writing is known as inverted pyramid. This is where the writer uses the most important information of the story first. They go to the second important and so on down the line.

  4. Background information- is details that fill the background of a story. This could be basically anything. Information like their age, where they live, if they have kids, and so on.

  5. Writing a story they followed a certain style of what they called the five W’s and an H. These are the who, what, where, when, why, and how that makes up the story.

This paper also interest people for other types of reasons. They received information about entertainment, coupons, funnies, and the famous crossword puzzle. I can see where this becoming an obsolete thing can really mess up the daily routine of many people. When asked most of the polled said that it was the way they ate their breakfast. It is a very interesting piece of writing for so many reasons. If you still want more information, check this site.

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