The 10 Best Problem And Solution Essay Topics For High School Students

Problem and solution essays are based on a particular problem. You should outline the problem, and then provide its solution. Also, it’s very important to prove that your solution is effective. Furthermore, explain why your answer to the question is more practical than any other.

Following the above-mentioned tips, it may be very easy to write the essay. However, there’s one more very important recommendation – choose an interesting topic. If you’re a high school student and have trouble making up a topic, here are some samples to help you. Remember that you can modify the proposed topics to make them suitable for you.

  1. 1. How to stop bullying among students?
  2. Here you can provide information about bullying in your school. Give examples of unfair treatment of your classmates. Explain how it can be stopped.

  3. 2. The right to freedom of speech.
  4. Describe how people in your country struggle to get heard.

  5. 3. The importance of graduating from high school.
  6. You can provide statistics of how many students drop out of high school every year. Explain why some children don’t even consider entering high school. Express your opinion on how to make pupils interested in further education.

  7. 4. How to prevent global warming.
  8. Indicate the factors that destroy the environment. Describe what measures should be taken to save the planet.

  9. 5. Child alcoholism and its prevention.
  10. Describe how this problem affects the society. Give examples how to make children interested in sports and activities. Write about persuading children to take care of their health.

  11. 6. How to overcome depression.
  12. Enumerate factors that make people feel depressed, and provide solutions on how to improve their well-being.

  13. 7. Should school athletes get paid?
  14. Write about students who go in for sports but don’t receive money for it. Describe how difficult it is for them to study, do sports, and work at the same time. Explain where to take money from to pay school athletes.

  15. 8. Increasing road safety.
  16. Write about the importance of imposing strict punishments for careless driving.

  17. 9. How to help children suffering from family violence.
  18. If your friends had such problem, describe how they dealt with it. Write about school counsellors and their role in helping children. Provide information on how to make parents or other family members take full responsibility for what they do.

  19. 10. Finding a job after graduation.
  20. You can describe the difficulties of getting a job, despite having a degree. Write about the importance of providing a workplace to students who have just graduated.

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