A List Of Examples Of Persuasive Essay Topics To Explore

Persuasion is an attribute that attaches us to people. We feel the right to dispute with a loved one on the basis of an assertion that sooner or later, the person will persuade us. This feeling is mutual. Persuasive essays therefore have a personal implication.

The perfect definition

Now, persuasive essays may be about a controversial or debatable dictum or it may be about a scenario where too many distractive examples are evident. For example, domestic violence is a topic that is ever beset with examples. These types are referred to as example persuasive essays.

Striking a balance

You will have to anyhow balance the two sides in these persuasive pieces. You will have to compare the focused person’s perspective with your own and create poise. There needs to be more integrity with the final streamlining.

An objective enquiry

You need to be impartial and unaggressive, even if the example or the issue is too close to your heart. They say – when the book is too near to the eyes, the script becomes blurry. It is necessary to make an objective enquiry into the essay topic.

Life and times

Your topics may vary from social to economic; political to lifestyle trends. You may set the tone in towns or villages; shanties or posh areas. Life is all about amassing the differences. It is more about the power to say yes than the ability to say no.

Arousing curiosity

You should keep the interest quotient going for the readers to identify with the issue. This is one great advantage with example persuasive essay topics; they are invariably relevant and curious. You will not need to make an extra effort on that end.

Here is a list of 10 fascinating example persuasive essays for your reference –

  1. Was Idi Amin a visionary or a hopeless despot?

  2. Are terrorism-shunning measures checking or actually aggravating it?

  3. Is social media a boon or bane to the society?

  4. Should the world take to a single currency regiment like it takes to gold as a standard?

  5. Is it right to censor movies that have too much sex or violence?

  6. Should the issue of abortion be left to individuals and not grossly debated on?

  7. Are we ourselves the cultivators of corruption?

  8. Will Greece be able to pull it off after the Eurozone problem?

  9. Is domestic violence a global or a Third World issue?

  10. Did Hitler actually have right intentions towards German growth?

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