How To Choose The Best Topic For A Persuasive Essay In Literature

It’s usually easy for students who get a persuasive essay assignment to think of themselves as lawyers trying to argue a case in a room full of jurors. As a writer you must take a side on a topic and provide either a “for” or “against” argument. In the case of a literature persuasive essay you want to be sure you pick a topic that has enough evidence for you to make your case. Here are a few good topics to consider:

William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”

This drama deals with a number of issues regarding the unfair but different obstacles of life. Some of the biggest issues discussed are love, violence, and suicide. Use your persuasive abilities to convince your readers that it was fair or unfair for Rome and Juliet’s parents to interfere in their lives. Remember that this can prove difficult when you consider their ages and the time in which the drama takes place.

William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

One of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, Hamlet provides a number of different interpretations of the events that take place. The most famous, of course, is whether Hamlet is suffering a mental break and falls into madness versus playing a role in which he wants others to believe he has gone mad. Convince your reader of one interpretation or the other.

Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

There was a time when this novel was banned in American schools. It was controversial for its portrayal of racist elements through the use of derogatory terms and offensive slang. However, it’s now been long accepted that Twain’s satiric approach actually shed light on just how negative this side of American culture was. Try to convince your reader that this book is or isn’t suitable for a high school audience. Can you use some of Twain’s own arguments to support your own?

Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”

In this play, moral issues in the New England colonies take a major position, providing a number of different points of views to work with. Consider issues on justice or injustice, or the way religion affects government law in a time when the separation of church and state is a progressive thought in light of persecution. Try to convince your readers that the story can apply and be explained in modern terms or how the play is universal and has withstood time.

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