Random Acts Of Kindness

A random act of kindness is a phrase used to describe a spontaneous and selfless act to help or cheer up a person in need. Many religions teach their followers to be conscious of those in need in society and do random acts of kindness occasionally. Some non-government organizations and foundations have been established to enable and encourage people to be kind. Random acts of kindness should be part of our daily lives. We do not need to set a day or week to share with those in need or pain.

The need for Random Acts of Kindness

Some life situations and events leave people in distress and pain. Such people require comfort and care to heal. Kindness is both an action and an attitude. Small acts of kindness bring joy, comfort and happiness to those in pain and the giver as well. Kindness does not only benefit the recipient but also encourages him or her to be kind to others. A random act of kindness triggers other similar actions. The responsibility to reach out to those in pain or need does not lie with the government, humanitarian organizations or the wealthy. Some kind acts cost nothing but a gesture of love and compassion that reassure a person in need.

Some random acts of kindness could save people from death. Natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes often leave people homeless and at risk of diseases. Providing shelter, clothing and food to such people could save them from diseases and even death. Emotional distress could lead to suicidal thoughts and reaching out to a person in such a situation could give him or her a reason to live. Helping a sick person get to hospital on time is sometimes the difference between life and death. Hence, random acts of kindness do not just trigger positive feelings and emotions; they save lives.

Examples of Random Acts of Kindness

We have an opportunity to be kind to someone every day. Examples of random acts of kindness include providing a meal to the hungry, helping the elderly and the blind cross the road, and providing shelter to the homeless. Others include visiting the sick in hospital and at home, appreciating others for their kindness, adoption, and donating money to local charities. Sometimes a smile or a warm hug goes a long way to comfort someone in pain. Other random acts of kindness include buying gifts for your friends and family, helping your neighbor clean up their home or yard, giving a seat to the elderly or giving a tip to your deliveryman or waiter.

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