Religion Is What You Make It

Religion can be defined as a theological, anthropological, philosophical, psychological, and sociological phenomenon of human kind (Religious Tolerance). Even though religions differ in beliefs, customs and rituals, all religions have one thing common; belief in God. Some religions believe in single God theory whereas others believe in multi-God theory. Because of the differences in belief, religion often clashes each other. In the name of religion, people often fight each other. It happened in the past, it is happening at present and it will happen in the future also. For example, the major reason for the present clashes in Syria and Iraq is related to religious beliefs. It should be noted that even in the same religion, different beliefs and rituals prevail. Christians have different communities like Catholics and Protestants. They differ in their belief and customs even though both these communities accept Jesus as the Savior and God. Same way, Islam has different communities such as Shias and Sunnis and both these communities have different patterns of belief. Both Shias and Sunnis accept Allah as the God and Mohammad Nabi as the prophet. Yet, clashes between Shias and Sunnis are common at different parts of the world. In short, it can be argued that religions are manmade concepts.

Even though Islam, Jews and Christians have different beliefs and rituals, all these three religions have a common father in Abraham. In other words, the above three religions are often referred as Abrahamic religions. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God whereas Jews do not accept this claim. Jews believe that the son of God yet to come this world and they are waiting for him. On the other hand, Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet rather than anything else. At the same time, they do not accept Jesus as the Savior. They accept Prophet Mohammad as the savior. The common thing among these three religions is the belief in single God theory. Moreover, all these three religions believe in a life after death; not in this world, but in another world.

Hindus reject the single God theory and argue that there are different Gods for different purposes. They believe that God Brahma does the creation whereas God Shiv does the destruction. On the other hand, God Vishnu tries to keep the world intact. Moreover, Hindus believe in multiple lives. They believe that the death is not an end, but the beginning of another life in another form in this world itself.

One of the interesting things about religion is that no Gods have ever asked their followers to construct a religion. Neither Jesus, nor Mohammad Nabi asked their followers to establish a religion. In fact, the followers of Gods interpreted the teachings of Gods differently and they established different religions based on their perceptions of God’s teachings.

To conclude, different religions have different Gods and different beliefs. Even the same religion has different types of beliefs. Therefore it can be argued that religion is not a heavenly thing but a manmade thing.

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