Coming Up With Impressive Essay Topics: Helpful Instructions

The most important thing for students to write a great topic is to understand their subject. Below is a list of points to keep in mind while creating a good topic for your paper

  1. 1. Break it down to easy divisions and sub-divisions
  2. This will help you narrow down your approach and topic selection

  3. 2. Choose an area that you are passionate about
  4. It is not necessary that you like or find every division interesting. You need to sort out which one you like the best and choose it to write your topic

  5. 3. Find a potential gap to address in your prompt
  6. The essay topic must be able to address a question, problem, or a gap in a unique manner. You should search the subject and find a gap that you want to write about in your paper. Make sure that you stay away from obsolete and repetitive topics if you want to write an impressive one

  7. 4. Brainstorm for fresh topics
  8. Brainstorming is an effective technique to generate fresh ideas. Remember to find a peaceful place and sit down with a pen and paper in your hand. You should list down everything that comes to your mind without any interruption. You can edit these ideas later

  9. 5. Develop major arguments for each
  10. A topic needs to have at least three major arguments. This depends upon the number of body paragraphs in your essay. If you want to keep three body paragraphs in your paper then you should have three major arguments so on and so forth

  11. 6. Find supporting evidence to prove your point
  12. When you develop your major arguments for the topic, you need to find supporting evidence to prove your stance. Ideally, you should have three or more supporting points for each major argument in your essay

  13. 7. Eliminate the ones you do not need
  14. Check the list of your topic ideas and refine it for getting a final topic out of it. You can eliminate certain ideas to narrow down your options. For example

    • a) Delete redundant ideas
    • b) Cut out irrelevant topics
    • c) Delete the ones you cannot find enough information for
    • d) Eliminate a topic that you cannot develop the major arguments for
    • e) Delete the ones that are illogical
  15. 8. Edit and rephrase your topic
  16. When you decide the final topic for your essay, you need to check the sentence structure, typos, and spellings to make sure it is perfect. Try to rephrase your topic in different ways and choose the one that seems most engaging and interactive for your readers.

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