Technology, Industrial, And Consumer Culture

Technology has fabric our way of life it’s made its way in to modernizing and simplifying our life styles. Our lives are based around the idea for more and advance technology, this new brand of resources has its advantages. As well as brought an addictive behaver such as consumption, this creates more harm than productivity. This behavior has led to a culture of consumption. As the consumer continues down this path we are more influenced to use and buy more products.

The advertising market is committed to target the individual consumer; this type of marketing has a new appeal to the products we use today. This avenue makes products pleasing and a must need basics to the individual consumer, therefore wanting more. Whether it’s an old brand name or a new product, the focus is to grab the attention of the individual so he or she purchases what’s being advertised. As an individual go’s out and buy more products the industrial sector has to keep up with demand for products.

The importance of new technology is great, as technology advances industries seek to upgrade its machines to manufacture more products in less time. This allows for the product that’s in demand to be manufacture faster and on a broader scale. The more supply, the more demand for materials used to produce a steady stream of new of line products. Major corporations want to have a continuous stock of supply, therefore always keeping up with the demand of consumption.

However consumption does have its disadvantage the more we use the more materials being dug from the ground depriving the earth of its natural resources. Factories produce more harmful impurities than ever before; this is a side of effect of consumption. We produce more than we are able to dispose; this has led to a number of environmental hazards that are being address today. These problems range from health to water supply all over the world even some of the products we use today are harmful to us. The technologies we use are being implemented in factories to insure the safety of our air, drinking water and oceans.

The fact that we have developed a custom style of thinking, we are negligent to the harm our consumption is doing to our environment. As technology advances so are the tools used to distribute these products. Due to the influence of advertisement of commercial products we will continue to consume more. This is shaping our future towards newer and better technologies that will allow us to hopefully one day to consume effectively and more efficiently.

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