Choosing A Persuasive Essay Topic: A List Of Inspiring Suggestions

When looking for a topic for your paper, choose one you can write passionately about. Since you will be attempting to persuade someone to change their mind and agree with your viewpoint, it should be a topic you feel fairly strongly about. The following list of topic ideas is meant to give you a starting point. Make the topic your own or use it to inspire you into thinking up an entirely different topic. Either way, read through the list and find a suggestion that works for you.

  1. 1. Should students have to wear school uniforms?
  2. 2. Should a college education be free to everyone?
  3. 3. Should students be required to study a second language?
  4. 4. Should schools be allowed to sell candy and soft drinks to students to raise money?
  5. 5. Should teenage girls be allowed to purchase birth control without their parents’ permission?
  6. 6. Should students be allowed to listen to music and have earphones in while in class?
  7. 7. Should fast food options be allowed in school cafeterias?
  8. 8. Should there be tighter restrictions for content on the internet?
  9. 9. Should students be allowed to eat food and drink beverages during class?10. Should students be allowed to drop out of school before the reach the age of 18?
  10. 11. Should fourteen year olds be allowed to hold jobs?
  11. 12. Should there be a dress code or a uniform for teachers?
  12. 13. Should talking on a cellphone while driving be illegal even if it’s used with a hands-free device?
  13. 14. Should students be required to repeat grades when they fail classes?
  14. 15. Should America adopt a rule for maximum number of children per family to help limit the population growth?

This is not an all-inclusive nor an exhaustive list. There are countless topics you could potentially choose for your persuasive paper. Think of something that people generally have a strong opinion one way or another on. For example, people either totally agree or totally disagree on abortion, capital punishment, and other such sensitive topics. If you aren’t sure what your stance is, or don’t think you can take a firm position one way or another, then move on to another topic.

Your paper must present key supporting evidence for your view as well as identify key points for the opposing view. A paper must show both sides in order to be a true persuasive topic as well as be successful.

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