Finding A Writing Agency Providing Unplagiarized Essays

Plagiarism is a vice that could easily get you in trouble. Even in the professional world where you find authors writing books and all sorts of reading materials, plagiarism is strongly prohibited. Many times, if you use someone else’s work without their permission, you could be sued and charged in court. This could lead to a hefty fine or even jail time. This is just how grave plagiarism is.

Within schools and colleges, plagiarism is also strongly controlled. No instructor will accept plagiarized work.

There are several ways in which your professor can deal with plagiarism in college. First, the professor may decline to accept such work. This means two things; either you can be asked to write a fresh copy of the assignment or the paper could be canceled altogether without a chance to submit a fresh copy. In both cases, you will have lost both time and money. But if your paper is completely rejected and you’re barred from submitting a fresh copy, the problem becomes even bigger because you may to forfeit all marks for that paper.

Your instructor may also choose to penalize you for the plagiarism by deducting some of your marks. Most instructors actually choose this second option where they will lash away some of your marks leaving you with a lower grade. All in all, plagiarism is unacceptable at all levels of writing.

Find a company that provides 100% original work

The idea then is to find a writing service that provides 100% original work. You can know if a company provides such work in three steps;

  1. Read their policy – if a company is strongly against plagiarism, they will cover this in their policy. This is usually an attempt to assure clients that plagiarism is not accepted at the company.

  2. Find out what tools they use to track and combat plagiarism – there are several types of software programs that can be used to track plagiarism. The most common one is CopyScape though there are dozens of other very good ones out there. Which program does the writing agency use?

  3. Are the writers trained to avoid plagiarism – some companies take the extra initiative to train their writers to handle the topic. This may include training writers on proper ways of referencing sources as well as outlining severe punishments for writers who are found to have plagiarized their work.

In some companies, plagiarism may get the writer suspended or even expelled from the company.

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