Violence In The Workplace

Violence is seen as only physical assault by many people. However, this is not only the case but just the extreme of the violence. Violence in the workplace is relatively great problem. Violence in the workplace is any act that intents to threaten, abuse assault or intimidate an employee. Violence in the workplace involves conflicts which happen within or outside an organization set up but related to work.

Violence in the workplace ranges from verbal and threats abuse to murder and physical assault which may results to job related loses of lives. Threatening behaviors like throwing of objects, destruction of properties and shaking fists are the common practices associated with violence in the workplace. Violence in the workplace as well incorporates behaviors that embarrasses, annoys, humiliates, demeans and verbal abuses. Violence in the workplace has manifested itself as the most growing concern for the employees as well as the employers worldwide.

Causes of Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace takes different forms and has several causes. Individual issues sometimes spill out in workplace and as result lead to serious consequences. Discontented customer, sucked employees, pressured employees or quarrel among employees can rise to the level of bursting violently in the workplace. Organizations that are well aware of the causes of the violence in the workplace are in pole position to stop it.

A failure screen employee before being recruited is the main cause of violence in the workplace. If an organization fails to conduct psychological test on the candidates during hiring process to eliminate likely violent candidates, there is a high risk of recruiting an employee who is violent prone. However, psychological test is not a sure test and thus must not be replaced with a thorough background screening.

Furthermore, most companies attempts to get the maximum from the employees thus dictating every minute of the employees working time. This leads to overworking the employee and hence development of stress. Workplace stress can result to an aggressive work environment, and the employee had individual issues, the combination can result disastrous consequences.

Control Measures

The most effective way employers can curb violence in the workplace is by developing a zero tolerance policy against violence in the workplace. Employer should develop anti-violence program in the workplace or incorporate violence in the workplace policy in the employee agreement.

It is vital to make sure that every employee understand policy and is well aware that all violent in the workplace will be thoroughly investigated and remedied accordingly. Safety education and security of the workplace is of great importance in controlling violence in the workplace.

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